Over the years I've had a stack of crazy cars and stuff...I've owned about 1 car every 12 months or so for the past 17 years sometimes more.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My R32 GTR

This was a sweet car. I owned this from ~May 2000 - ~May 2002. Sprinted at Sandown twice and raced against the WRX club and Jag club, this beast was a stack of fun. Now owned by James, the admin of OzDat.com.

The R32 Specs

92' R32 Skyline GTR (for those who aren't particularly familiar with the GTR...its all the usual GTR gear ie 4 wheel steering, Computer controlled 4 wheel drive, 6 throttle bodies / coils etc, big cross drilled 4 spot discs (front) 2 spot rear, with twin overhead cam, twin ceramic ball bearing turbo, and all this packaged up in the ultra strong Nissan RB26DETT marvell of performance engineering.)

  • HKS InCabin Adjustable Boost controller (currently running 0.75bar / 0.95bar split from HKS EVC III switched on or off.....next power figures coming soon).
  • Blow off valve,
  • HKS Turbo Timer
  • Hi Flow Trust Exhaust Large diameter from the turbo back (3.5" pipe with silencer tip)....
  • Hi Flow K&N pod Air intake with K&N filters
  • Single Plate 5 Puck button clutch. (still determining brand) with HD pressure plate spring.... (first attempt at this slipped.....my advice - spend the extra.....ensure you can support LOTS of horsepower...)
  • Front Strut tower Hi tensile chassis brace. (brand unknown)
  • CSA Mags with 17" 245 / 50 Dunlop Hi-Po rated tyres all round.
  • Blitz "Loud" blow off valves (removing....as upsetting air flow meters @ 14lbs - and causing backfire / misfire.....suspect cause of recent blown inlet manifold gasket.....going for the cheaper option).
Dynoed by A.V.O. with 217kw at the wheels @7150rpm & 0.95bar

This car was timed running around 0.9 bar of boost with myself and a mate in the car (around 80kgs extra weight), got a 0 - 100klms in 5.14sec and QTR mile in 13.31sec on the G-Tech without the benefit of later tuning / tweaks.

Ok some cars

Turbo Datsun 240Z 1972 Model

The zed used to put out around 140 rear wheel kw's. Thats around 190 flywheel kw's or around 260hp at the flywheel. It would run mid 13sec qtr's all day with zero detonation. The engine was re-built and continuesd to run forged pistons, o-ringed cylinder seals with the head gasket, block relieved to handle bigger valves, turbo cam etc ie the good stuff.

This car despite looking pretty smick gave most fast car owners a real shock when they realised how quick it was. I had run 5.45sec 0 - 100 on the G-Tech with a tank full of gas (and I'm no lightweight either!!) - so with less than half a tank, and a 70kg body in the car - I'd expect around 5.1sec to 100klms.......


  • L24 Datsun Skyline block (40' Bored to 2.6+L overall with 280 crank),
  • O'Ringed BlockForged 86 mm Patterson Handmade pistons
  • Shot peened and balanced 180B rods
  • 280ZX Crank, crossdrilled, nitrided, and balanced
  • Skyline L24 Head Ported and Flowbenched to suit, with particular attention paid to the exhaust ports shape and size etc.
  • 44 mm 280z Inlet Valves (required relieving the block), 37.5mm Exhaust Valves
  • Wade 733A Turbo camChev V8 HD Valve Springs ,
  • Combustion chambers Smoothed
  • 7.2 to 1 Comp ratio


  • Sparkplug Spacers (gets thread out of chamber, reduces likelihood of detonation),
  • NGK Platinum Plugs & NGK leads
  • Modified Chrysler Valiant Distributor recurved with vacuum advance/retard all setup for turbo operation
  • Bosch electronic ignition and coil
  • Induction/Fuel
  • Garrett T3/T4 Turbo with .82 exhaust housing
  • Hi Flow wheels running at 17lbs
  • Twin 1 3/4" CD carby's bored to 1 7/8" on alloy Y manifold
  • Custom Inlet and Turbo Exhaust Manifold,
  • Water Injection
  • 42 mm External Wastegate - Adjustable3/8" fuel lines, 1/2" lines from fuel tank to filter and to fuel pump,Holley blue electric fuel pump and regulator


  • 3" Mandrel Bent Exhaust with Turbo Muffler


  • Hi vol/flow oil pump,Custom modified sump,
  • Group A oilcooler

Drive Train

  • R200 4.4 LSD Differential,
  • 240K 5 Speed,
  • Lightened steel billet flywheel,
  • Nissan truck clutch pressure plate,
  • 3 puck button clutch plate


  • 260Z 2+2 front springs with Koni Gas InsertsHD Pedders Rear springs with KYB HD Gas struts

Wheels and Tyres

  • 15" x 7" Performance Alloys
  • 225x60x15 Rear Tyres
  • 215x60x15 Front Tyres

Body and Interior Etc.

  • G-Nose,
  • Whale Tail,
  • Alarm,
  • Turbo Timer,
  • Boost Gauge (With Aeroquip Fittings),
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge,
  • Roll cage

Friday, February 10, 2006

Well OK, here goes. This is my first attempt at blogging. I'm not sure what I'm going to write about on this thing...but my initial thoughts is anecdotes, and a history of what's going on with the cars and the family. The latest R32 Skyline GTR is treating me well. I am preparing it for its next race outing now.

Hi all

Welcome to my blog! Just trying out this blog stuff to see if anyone would care about anything I said?